You Might Just Be a Survivalist If…

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Thank You, Vytautas


8 responses to “You Might Just Be a Survivalist If…

  1. Leigh Ratcliffe

    Your not, perhaps, speaking from experiance?

  2. onemansthoughts

    In some ways, yes!

  3. You think Oetzi was assassinated by tribal leaders for owning 3 bows and 3 axes. The canadian ‘spy coins’ with the red poppies are just the latest in anti american activities including the murder of Albert Johnson by those canadians and their social medicine. RED DAWN could happen, and you think the Guns of Navarone did.

  4. hey somebodys been watching me

  5. I can hardly read your post as the aluminum headshield keeps covering my eyes.You left out the fact that the movie ” Conspiracy Theory ‘ was real !.And how can you see through the foil covered windows ?.

  6. Are you a stalker cause this is very true for me, except for the poodle part since its more of a pitbull.

  7. The life of a survivalist is the only life to live if you wanna survive another day!

  8. That statement rings truer and truer every day addygirl!

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