Pastor Chuck Baldwin on behalf of Ron Paul

One Man’s Thoughts Has Moved To

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Thank You, Vytautas



7 responses to “Pastor Chuck Baldwin on behalf of Ron Paul

  1. That was excellent. Really great article. I hope the religous sect looks deep into RP’s philosophies. If they spend enough time and thought I think they would see that he is the man to embrace.

  2. I consider Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul as two people cut from the same bolt of cloth. It is very easy for the righteous to recognize the righteousness in others. It’s seems as though I now have two true heroes and great Americans that I and many others can attempt to emulate. My mind reals to think of the greatness this country could once again attain… If only – Paul/Baldwin 08′

    Thank you for such a great article. Very inspiring.

  3. May God give us and Dr. Ron Paul strength.

  4. I have known this man and his wife for almost 30 years. He is truly the real deal!! His love of his Lord
    is an intricate part of his life, but he never wears his
    faith on his sleeve.

  5. Well said!

  6. Good post my freind. Keep talking to your fellow pastors.

    There are two other posts you might want to make:

    1) What a lot of other pastors need to realize is that voting for someone who talks about Christianity isn’t nearly as important as voting for a Christian who acts like a Christian. Am I right?

    His clean, proven record speaks to that.

    2) If you want to keep your communities and let children pray when they want to, it’s a lot easier to kick the federal government out of your business than to try to fight it out in the special interest-saturated congress.

    3) That’s why Christians were attracted to the republican party in the first place. Old Republicans protected their rights to run their own communities and lives.

    Check out my blog, buddy.


  7. Thank you Pastor for the intelligent analysis of the relationship between Ron Paul and Christian faith. He is indeed a good man, and will get my vote. By the way, the Lithuanian flag is a beauty, isn’t it? I married a girl from Lithuania, and my Grandfather came from that country — which had its share of terror under the heel of a government that ours might soon resemble. We have already accepted torture, and denial of fundamental Constitutional rights in the endless “War on Terror” — a turn of events that surely would have made Stalin happy. Ron Paul is one of our last hopes, as the other power-lusting bullies in both the Republican and Democrat Party are in agreement with the fundamental policies now leading toward dictatorship.

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