USA Today Poll on the Second Amendment

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3 responses to “USA Today Poll on the Second Amendment

  1. Spot on analogy. I have become increasingly interested in Second Amendment issues since I received my concealed carry license, here in Missouri, last year. I am not an “ignorant redneck” and have been educated as an economist, spent 10 years in the Marine Corps and am a captain for one of America’s largest airlines.

    I think the lefts advocacy for gun control stems from much more than a desire to abolish the Second.

    Parker (Heller) v. D.C. is a metaphor for this clash of the “two” Americans. The left would have us believe that taking guns away from citizens will solve our problem. How naive. The 31 year social engineering experiment in D.C. has been an abysmal and abject failure. And yet liberals still cling on to the notion that removing guns will solve their problem.

    Whether it is Australia or the U.K. or Washington D.C., taking guns from law bidding citizens has not and does not work. What “they” refuse to consider is the complete breakdown in the building blocks of society and community. They will not acknowledge these facts because it would force them to see the abject failure multiculturalism and human secularism has been for American.

  2. goodtimepolitics

    From what I have heard and read, Obama will try and ban all hand guns and gun shops within 5 miles of a school or park..that will put most gun shops out of business. 5 miles taks in all of most cities. Once he gets that then it onto banning all guns like it is in Britain!

  3. The left’s efforts to ban the ownership and right to carry hand guns and so called “assault weapons” has nothing to do with public safety. It has everything to do with the liberal governments fear of outraged citizens who might react to their liberal agenda the way the patriots of 1776 did to the oppression of the English monarchy.

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