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Thank You, Vytautas


9 responses to “46 LIES OF OBAMA’s

  1. 46 isn’t bad for a politician. Apply the same standards to the other candidates and you’ll fill up the WordPress hard drive!

  2. These are all verifiable truths, and, unlike the poster above who claims that all candidates lie this much, this one has lied significantly about such basic information as who he is, where he comes from, who is family is, how he voted…the list goes on…and on…and on…

  3. this list is a good start but incomplete! keep up the good work!


  4. Why hasn’t this all been revealed sooner than 3 days before election? Hia redistribution of wealth smacks of socialism/communism.

  5. One Man's Thoughts

    I posted this in May!

  6. The people that need to avail themselves of this information will likely never see it, sad to say. They would probably have a paroxysm of denial.

  7. I refer to these all the time. There are similar sites but not break out his Arab heritage better than this one. No wonder then Obama hates America and Israel. He is a disaster and as a father of 3 i am saddened to think that freedom is all but certain to die a slow death and the future of this republic will be a long fight to regain it for decades…

  8. do you have other material on the obama socialist marxist family – im writing a blog and need more. the UU church info was inspiring.

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