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In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as ‘the dominant figure in my formative years… The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.‘ Since this man wants to lead the greatest nation on earth, it only makes sense to learn something about his mother and the values that are so important to him.

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  2. I found this article to be very enlightening.

    Thanks for your time and energy.

    Just wondering how close it approaches “hate speech” or, the card of cards, “anti-Semitism”?

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  4. It’s very obvious that Obama’s mother and maternal grandparents were communist…Yet, you never hear a word about it in the media… why is that ? ..You can bet if it were john McCain that it would be headlines in every newspaper and on every news program !

    they have hushed it up for Obama !

    how could any patriotic who loves this country want obama for president when he comes from a background like this and then openly admits that his mother was the dominate force in his formative years and that she continues to be the touchstone of his political and moral values ???

    Where has the common sense gone for the people who are endorsing him and voting for him where are their morals and principals and their values ?….Maybe I should say they lack morals and values !!!

    As if coming from a communist background isn’t bad enough and the people wanting to overlook this fact how in the world do they overlook his long standing friendships and associations with Ayers, Wright, Rezko ???

    How can people NOT recognize that Obama is a fake , a corrupt Chicago political thug just like all his friends ? How can they NOT see through him and his lies ? how can they Not notice all his pandering ?

    Aside from his shady character how can they NOT see his poor judgement and that he most certainly is NOT qualified to lead this country ??? How can they NOT see his lack of experience every time he opens his mouth and speaks without the teleprompter ??

    It is all beyond reasoning how people can be duped by this man all the “red flags” are there !!!
    so if Obama is elected these people can’t say they didn’t see the signs …All they can say is that they chose to ignore the red flags and all the signs !!!!!

    I guess it’s party over country no matter what !!!

    If Obama wins the election it will be the first time in my life that I will not be able to respect or honor or be proud of this country’s president !!!

  5. I have always voted but till now have not been all that involved in politics. Last month I became obsessed with the idea that our country was in for real trouble and I didnt really know why. I started blogging about it and I started researching and actually paying attention to the campaigning and the more I read the more frightened I have become about the possibility of Obama getting in office. I am not thrilled with McCain but I have to vote for him because I have to vote against Obama because I think he is just incredibly bad news for our country.

  6. I echo the comment above, I to must vote for McCain, because socialism scares me.

  7. On my birth certificate, there is a place for the physician to sign. On Obama’s, there is none.
    On y birth certificate, a hospital is listed. On Obama’s there is none?????Answer this please…thanks.

  8. This is the most dangerous person we could ever elect. Almost makes you miss the Clintons. Don’t Drink the koolaid!!!!!

  9. Hi just logon to atlasshrugs – it says it all. Read what’s going on – anybody ever heard of Philip Berg?

    Boy it’s a scary time! Change? That’s what Hitler said when he was campaigning” He told the people “Think Different, Think Change”! You have to logon to this site!

  10. breaks my heart that americans are falling for this cipher. He supported giving subprime mortgages to people who could’nt afford them – now they are losing their life savings, their homes, their self respect and suffering a huge psychic blow and … they are voting for this guy who helped put them there! His background, from Frank Marshall Davis, the pedophile communist, to Rezko the chicago crook, to Ayers, to the socialist agenda, to Rev Wright anti-semite and a guy who thinks that AIDS was created by white folk to get rid of black folk, to his playing the race card, refusing to salute the flag, the list goes on and on…

    and yet americans are voting for this guy! God save us all

  11. God save us all – amen!
    I knew in my heart that something wasnt right. I didnt realize all this. I hope this was given to people in the Democratic party before election.

  12. I have felt from the beginning something has been wrong and now we know a slave nation is what Mr. “O” wants. Our children will never stand a chance.

  13. Can “Anyone” find the EXACT Date
    when Ann Dunham and her parent’s
    moved to Hawaii? I know Ann graduated from Mercer High School
    in 1960, and report’s say she started
    College at the University of Hawwaii
    in 1960. It is important to know
    the Exact date Ann, and, or her Parent’s
    became resident’s of Hawaii to see if
    she actually met the one rear resident
    requirement Statute 338-17.8 in order
    for her to Legally file for her son’s BC.
    Maybe tax record’s, landlord, etc..
    Can FOIA be used to find this out?

  14. Stanley Ann Dunham and Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis are distant cousins. Both are direct descendants of Nicholas Parkins and Sarah Childers. Versluis himself is part African-American due to his 9th great-grandmother Martha, a black woman.
    Gus’ ancestors:
    Martha (African-American woman)
    Elizabeth Key Grinstead
    William Grinstead, Jr.
    William Grinstead, III
    John Grinstead
    Jesse Grinstead
    Jesse Grinstead, Jr.
    Jesse Boles Grinstead
    John Thomas Grinstead
    Clara May Grinstead
    Bonnie Bell Martin
    Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis
    Always remember old Gus.

  15. Excellent, informative article. Thanks! Sadly,
    most people accept the main stream media as
    fact without ever trying to inform themselves
    of the truth.

  16. Very informative site. Thank you. Recently became aware of three photos of Obama’s mother on . Saw photos, but haven’t checked site. Ran them thru 2 programs and look authenic. Nice role model for a future president! She was in the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

  17. People won’t listen to you and I my friends. They are in a trance or on some kind of mind control drugs to prevent them from seeing the real Obama (One Bad Ass Mistake America). Excuse the butt word please, but it does fit.

  18. No Free Lunch

    Below are two official emails that dispute the public version of Obama’s Birth and his mother’s marriage to BHO Sr.

    From: []
    Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008
    Subject: Re: Stanley “Ann” Dunham 1960 to 1970 class registration

    Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham (BHO II’s mom) was enrolled at the University of Washington for:

    Autumn 1961
    Winter 1962
    Spring 1962

    The records responsive to your request from the University of Washington are above as provided by the Public Disclosure Laws of Washington State. This concludes the University’s response to your Public Records request. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

    Madolyne Lawson
    Office of Public Records

    From: Stuart Lau []
    Sent: Friday, September 05, 2008
    Subject: Re: Inquiry

    The University of Hawaii at Manoa is only able to provide the following information for Stanley Ann Dunham:
    Dates of attendance:
    Fall 1960 (First day of instruction 9/26/1960)
    Spring 1963 – Summer 1966
    Fall 1972 – Fall 1974
    Summer 1976
    Spring 1978
    Fall 1984 – Summer 1992

    Degrees awarded:
    BA – Mathematics, Summer 1967 (August 6, 1967)
    MA – Anthropology, Fall 1983 (December 18, 1983)
    PhD – Anthropology, Summer 1992 (August 9, 1992)

    Sincerely, Stuart Lau
    Stuart Lau
    University Registrar
    Office of Admissions and Records
    University of Hawaii at Manoa
    Ph: (808) 956-8010

    Commentary on University Emails:

    For the BHO II Hawaiian Aug 4 1961 COLB to be accurate the following improbable events needed to occur:

    1 month after starting classes, Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack’s mom, at age 17, got pregnant by the only black African man on the entire chain of Hawaiian islands.
    2 months after getting pregnant, she drops out of college.
    3 months after getting pregnant, she marries BHO Sr.
    10 months after her first day at the U of HI, she delivers BHO II and immediately leaves her parents, her new husband, and her home, to fly alone with a newborn 2800 miles to Seattle to start college at the U of W.
    Stanley Ann Dunham does not return to Hawaii until AFTER BHO Sr left the islands for Harvard.

    This is an implausible series of events made even more nefarious because Obama II in his 2 bio books never mentions his mom left Hawaii when she was married to BHO Sr, nor does he mention she was in Washington State during this time.

  19. AXJ has published your comments around the world.

  20. Rockribbedconservative


    You mean Obama’s Mommie was Commie?

  21. So, after researching Obama’s family (since he keeps hiding who he really is) Do you think the communist’s Dunham/Geitner et al are actually responsible for the whole financial crisis in America? Is Obama responsible for the misery that the country is enduring?

    So, do you think Tar, Feathers, Rail, and Pitch-Forks, are due, and appropriate?

    What about the rest of the gang? Should they be in jail with Maddof? Should there be a “Commission on Accountability” ? Should the commission investigate everyone belonging to the CFR’s (coop de etat)?


  22. I read that Stanley Ann Dunham spent a couple of nights with Farrakhan, and she even posed for a couple of porn shots in his apartment (online somewhere). This was during the time she became pregnant. Obama certainly looks more like Farrakhan than that supposed father.

  23. Yes, mother as ‘the dominant figure in my formative years

  24. I founded out that Versluis’s ancestor, a black woman’s name is a mystery to this day. (It is not Martha).

  25. Did you know that at the time Obamas mother was is hawii that there was only 2 blacks in all of Hawii. One was Malcom x and the other was Obama’s so called father., of which I don’t believe he is. Put there pictures side by side and you will see that MalcomX is a twin to Obama.

  26. Truth Seeker.

    How do you think Obama Sr. managed to transfer to Harvard? There must have either been a large initial payment for enrollment, or the CIA itself was also involved in sponsoring him. I think some kind of a combination of items such as these is more likely the truth. Governmental scholarships and grants are suppose to be public information. The INS has released public information regarding Obama Sr. They recognized that any alleged marriage to Stanely Ann Dunham was only one of convenience for somebody or several somebodies.

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