Gun Ownership by State

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One response to “Gun Ownership by State

  1. I for one would observe The constitution of the united states has a provision for an armed takeover of our own government when It no longer serves the public interest. Also there’s a provision to imprison those politicians that violate the public trust, hell they have been doing that for years!!! But not a one went to prison for ten years like the constitution states.
    Take Florida, for example; they have turned driving without a license into a felony in order to deny your right to bear arms. The biggest lying crooks run Florida to this very day. Only interested in themselves they write legislation that erodes our freedoms and civil wrights. Did you know in 1990 they were given a way to eliminate illicit drug traffic, and help those addicted. Their reply was there was no profit in that. We need to own and possess firearms, if for nothing else,,,,,a deterrent to all the crooks, including those in government!

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