Stimulus Bill To Ban Religious Worship

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2 responses to “Stimulus Bill To Ban Religious Worship

  1. The real funny thing is that I am confident that we no longer need a “House of Representatives” at all. The “House” was created long before the telephone or the internet and was designed to allow the various provinces to communicate their perspectives voices to the legislative branch of government. We now have computers and we, as individuals can communicate with the legislative branch with no difficulty and we can vote on legislation. All of the information can be made public on the internet and we as individuals can study the issues and vote our own will. Lobbiests will no longer control our country and “of the people by the people and for the people” will actually be the desicion process. This would indeed be a democracy and I realize that this would not be popular among the members of the “House”, but imagine the money we would save and the true essence of the country would prevail in all votes. This would indeed be God’s plan, each person’s voice will be heard.

  2. Sad week , Founding fathers would start another Revoultion, Rememeber give me liberty or death

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