Are you ready for the House Bill titled ‘HR 45, Blair Holt Licensing and Record Act of 2009’?

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19 responses to “Are you ready for the House Bill titled ‘HR 45, Blair Holt Licensing and Record Act of 2009’?

  1. This bill worries me. People better get educated on what Obama and the current adminstration stands for since they didn’t BEFORE the election. If you are a believer in the constitution, you better act on this and get ready for more to come. Socialism is slowly entering in and before we know it will take over if nothing is done. Read educate yourself and pass the word to others.

  2. Sounds like Hitler and some of his comrades have infiltrated our house.

  3. The only think I have to say is Blair Holt is a few bricks short of a full load!!

  4. Did anyone here actually read this bill? Obviously the author of this blog did not. I’m an NRA member and long time gun owner and while I do not like the bill being proposed, the doomsday sky is falling presentation of it here does nothing to help us prevent this bill’s passage. It is another case that makes us look like the crazy gun toting freaks that the far left wing always wants to make us out to be. How about you present it factually instead of tying it to Hitler and exaggerating things like the inclusion of health information. That would do more for our cause than this radical reaction does, it kills our credibility.

  5. This law will change America forever in a verry bad way. I have notified my State rep. senitor. If they suport this bill they will not be supported by me in the next election. I hope that everone else dose the same….

  6. If passed, I’m sure all our honest criminals will all go out and get their guns registered…

  7. unconstitutional! , further to require a written test and license to keep and bear arms is infringing on our right to do so, (example; what if I don’t want to learn to read or write by my own fre choice so why couldn’t I own a firearm under this act?) – those elected officials that support it and judges that uphold it are guilty of treason……better get ready for a police state

  8. message to Obama: I’ll keep my money, my freedom, and my guns, and you keep the change!

  9. under the 9th and 10th amendments we the people have the power and the right to disobey and ignor and resist any law which is clearly unconstitutional, and if the government (which by the way no longer represents any of “We the people”) passes this outrage and punishes americans for non compliance then they shall be libel for damages

  10. it is an infringement on my right to keep and bear arms to require health records search of our homes or any test or license……anyone (judge or elected official) who upholds this bill as lawful is knowingly commiting treason

  11. This is no surprize to us that have looked at Obama’s record. He and Hillary and others subscribe to the theory you lie to get in office and once in, all bets are off! So you are surprized? Now he’s remobing funding from “The Armed Pilots Program” and he’ll not be satisfied until all arms are removed from law abiding citizens. Contact your representatives as this is still a democracy with a lot less freedoms than we had before Obama. Now he wants wounded vets to use their own insurance for service connected disabilities. Anyone for a tea party?

  12. This bill is being snuck in to be voted on. Is this what we want from our government and congress? I hope to reach as many as I can about this. Most people in my area never heard of this bill. I wrote a letter to the editor in my local newspaper about it and of course the liberal folks bashed me on it. I hope these liberals can live with their decision about electing this administration when the government controls every little thing we do in our lives …….its coming ……….

  13. its coming……

  14. you guys are NOT reading between the lines take away the gun aspect of the law and read it again, the part that gives the Attorney General to modify a law WITH OUT congress! In other words take the Decoration of Independence and throw that and that other thing what’s it called? Oh yea the Bill of Rights and throw them out the window. Once presidence has been set and this is allowed to go through you will open the doors for every dept head in government (i.e. Sec. of Defense, Sec. of the Interior Sec. of Finance, list goes on and on ) to change laws at will with out the lawmaking body of this governments involvement or oversight. THESE ARE NOT ELECTED OFFICIALS GUYS!! You will be electing congressmen into office to do nothing in Washington. your representation will be gone!

    and yes I am a Pro Gun supporter

  15. No to hr 45

  16. Being a disabled veteran and prior law enforcement officer, I have to say this bill is crazy. I do like the post that Road Hammer left. we have to act on this in a civil, educated manner or they will get it passed claiming we are a bunch of gun toteing rednecks. the one thing I remember the most of when my father and grandfather taught me about gun safety is their is not any gun out there that killed a person. it is always the person holding it , accident or not, but someone has to pull the trigger . Thqat being said, make laws to prevent criminals from obtaining, possessing and buying guns, dont limit the law abiding citizens. build more prisons and keep them in longer, execute more of the low lifes that take life with no regard to the only thing on this earth that cannot be given back. the third world countries, other than terrorist, deal with criminals in a very effective, quick manner, eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. include all the other terrible crimes of rape, and other aggressive crimes with a death penalty that is televised and I can almost bet you our crime rate will dwindle. Ropes are cheap and reusable. WHERE ARE YOU JUDGE ROY BEAN WHEN WE NEED YOU MOST.

  17. This bill H.R.45 should be printed in every news paper and flyer in the country, for those to read who do not have computers.

  18. Im a gun owner and professional instructor, I found about this bill through a friend. I am amazed of the language, if the American people let this bill pass through the back door…i don’t know where this country is heading for… No on HR45

  19. Mervin Yeske, This bill will not be printed in any newspaper or the truth told on any major TV station. I am also a member of the NRA and would like to take the section out of the magazine 1st Freedom where they tell stories of how legal gun owners stopped a crime or legally protected their families BECAUSE they had a gun themselves, and go to a TV station and have them do a story on the good that gun owners do. All we ever hear is the bad stuff. My friends say they would never do it. Otherwise i don’t care what bill they come up with..they will never get my guns unless it is from my cold dead bloody hands. My father who fought for our rights in WWII would roll over in his grave if he knew I gave up. Hufster, I’ll tell you where our country would be heading for……….straight to hell. NO on HR 45 and NO on the Health Care Bill.

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