Patriotic Retirement Plan

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Thank You, Vytautas


3 responses to “Patriotic Retirement Plan

  1. One problem (other than the obvious question: where will the $40 trillion come from?). Once I’m done paying too much for an American made car and buying an overpriced house in my hometown of Los Angeles, I’ll only have about $300 left to live on. As long as I don’t plan to live more than a month or two, this isn’t a problem.

  2. Lovely! The entire net wealth of the US is around 50 trillion, just 10 trillion more than your plan. I’m sure the net wealth of everyone under 50 is much smaller than that. So, everyone in the US under 50 will just hand over all their possessions, savings, property, pensions, and that will solve all our problems!

  3. Where would we get the $40 trillion to fund the plan?

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