Swine Flu: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Outbreak

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2 responses to “Swine Flu: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Outbreak

  1. Eiher I have the only “pro-active” solution to this Hybrid Avian/ Swine Flu outbreak, or, if another exists the CDC and governments don’t want to promote it. Since there are smarter folks than me, and I know that the US government is knowledgeable of the bio-counteragent Symagin, I am more concerned with the apparent lack of interest in the most recent development of the new product guaranteed to kill on contact this new hybrid flu.

    As far as I am aware, other than the military-grade Symagin that the Federal government probably has in supply, there is nothing else available, especially on the market to the private sector, like our new product line that will effectively eliminate the flu that is assaulting the world today.

    I have contacted the NYC Mayors office via e-mail yesterday (My service request # 1-1-474788866).

    I have contacted Dr. Frieden’s office (health Commissioner of NYC this morning (My service request # 1-1-475021203).

    No one from the Mayors office or from the Health Commissioners offices have made any effort to contact me.

    I wrote a letter to the CEO of the Hospital (on April 3rd, 2009) introducing this new product (where this past Monday the 23-month old child died in Houston,) I have provided documentation from Laboratories (that the US Military contracted with to develop Symagin) validating my claims that this product will effectively eliminate this hybrid virus. I have even provided the information to the editors of the Wall Street Journal hoping they would light a flame under the appropriate decision makers, but seemingly to no avail!

    I am perplexed why the best preventative measures that are being promoted are to “wear a silly paper mask”, while I am saying screw the mask and KILL the virus spores where they attach themselves to furniture, floors, tables, door knobs, enclosed areas like hospital waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels, airplanes? As a prominent world-read newspaper.

    I am not saying this new product will treat people who have been infected… That is what the serum Teraflu is for. My goal is to kill the virus before people get infected by treating the environments where people congregate, (ie airplanes, airports, buses and bus terminals, schools, hospitals, hotels, restraunts, corporate offices…). This virus can be stopped or at the very least it can prevent most folks that could get infected from ever getting sick by effectivly sanitizing public areas.

    Don’t be fooled by frivolous claims that washing your hands soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizers will accomplish much. At the absolute best alcohol based products will claim to kill common germs in 15 seconds. Consider this, (and do the math yourself): squirt some in your palm and notice that the alcohol evaporates in 2-3 seconds, consider that the remaining gel breaks down in the next 8-9 seconds… what is left to kill the most benign of germs since there are still 3-4 seconds? The simple fact is that up until this new product became available, no one had any options except soap and water, alcoohol-based gels, or concentrated bleach… all of which lack the ability to kill this virus. Just using our new hand sanitizer formula will kill 3-4 time more organisms that ethyl or isoprophyl alcohol.

    In addition to this hybrid flu (H1N1) virus, our new sanitizing product will also kill “on contact” MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B;C, Herpes 1; 2, SARS, Tuberculosis, and many other very dangerous mold spores, bacteria and viruses. So, is there a conspiracy or what?!! You ask yourself, or better yet ask the agencies that I have already contacted why they are not beating my door down to order this new product. IF it is because I lack a “Dr” in front of my name, or and “MD” afterwards, that is a very lame excuse when people are continuously getting sick and many are dying.

    No, I am not going to identify the product thru this medium. Even if I did at this time there are no plans to offer it to the general consumer. If you represent a corporation, government entity, or health care systems, send me your contact information. Otherwise contact the organizations I have mentioned above and put pressure on them to contact me or at the very least research and validate the claims I have presented to them.

    This [seeming] ambiguity is the only way I know to screen out anyone but the most serious parties. This new product is not expensive, but it’s not free either, and I am looking for the most usage exposure that I can get.

    The option is to invest in surgical masks and wait until more people get sick and hope the pharmaceutical companies and our government has enough medicine to treat everyone.

  2. John Davenport

    Your points are well taken, Mr. Granger. I had heard of a physician in NYS who had created a vaccination in his lab for this viral strain. He was flabbergasted that the government was dragging its heals (non responsive) deciding whether to use his services. Profiled on the TV news, the last I heard was that he was considering taking the vaccine to the Mexican government. It’s very difficult to make sense of such news. If your contacts disagreed with your suggestion, it would have taken two seconds to reply to you with a note to that effect. But a lack of response is confounding, dismissive and downright rude.

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