Battle Hymn of the Republic

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Thank You, Vytautas


6 responses to “Battle Hymn of the Republic

  1. J. Brian McKillop

    I had a professor at my Christian Liberal Arts/Bible College tell me that he walked out of any church or chapel service whenever the song was played or sung. Now I understand better why he did.

  2. Very well said. I once read an article characterizing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” as a blasphemous piece of propaganda. I thought that was quite harsh but began to research. I soon came to the same conclusion and stopped singing it in church. I now refuse to sing it and look forward to being asked by others why I did not.

    I will likely refer people to your article as a good, concise explanation.

  3. Wow, I learn new things everyday. Thanks.

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  5. I appreciate your analysis of misused scripture, but must ask you to give credit to your sources. Much of what you have written appears directly quoted without attribution from a series of online articles I just read on Julia Ward Howe on

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