Protesters Take Opportunity To Voice Concerns About Obama

Before stepping into a gymnasium full of cheering supporters, Obama ran a gauntlet of unhappy Americans jeering and waving signs Thursday along Packerland Drive in Green Bay.

Placards that said “Socialism is wrong for America,” “Liberal directives and self starters must be stopped” and “Constitution under attack” dotted the group covering a three-block stretch of the west-side neighborhood.

“We’re fed up with all this spending that is totally unnecessary,” said Dennis Feldt of Green Bay. “Obama is assigning all these stimulus packages and demanding a vote on it a day later. No one has time to read any of this.

“The lawmakers don’t even know what’s in it. It’s all because the president says we need it right now or we’re going to lose jobs.”

“Where is all this money going?” added Dave Pilz of Green Bay. “It’s all gone. It makes us all very nervous.”

“It’s a belief in this whole movement,” Olson said. “I don’t want the government to run our health care.”

Kim Hull of Green Bay said it’s a difficult time for America’s economy and the Democrats in charge aren’t helping.

Hull said he’d rather be a right-wing nut with a job than a liberal with no job.

Sisters Samantha and Olivia Lasee, 12 and 9, respectively, of Abrams, joined the crowd with their own signs.

“When I get older, I want to be able to choose where to go for health care,” Samantha Lasee said, holding a sign: “Free health care is not free! We all pay!”

Another sign — “Please stop spending my future” — hung around her neck.

Jerry Bader estimated the crowd had about 1,000 people. The group — tabbed the Party of Know —walked from Beaver Dam Park to Packerland Drive to show their opposition to Obama’s health-care reform and economic policies.


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