Are You Comfortable with ACORN Taking the 2010 Census

Should we let ACORN take the 2010 census?

Well, ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Does ACORN have any reason to adjust 2010 census numbers? Will ACORN do what is best for the country or for them? That is not a hard question to answer. has carried a dialogue between Judge Andrew Napolitano and freshman Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz.
The Census Bureau has been given $11 billion to conduct the 2010 census. Now, we find that they are partnering with ACORN.

What ACORN claims to be and what they are is two different things.

ACORN claims to be a grass-roots movement for lower and lower-middle class families but they are actually an entity unto themselves with their own political agenda and they are not above using strong-arm tactics.

One thing about the new census as Chaffetz points out is that it must have the trust of the American people. It will not have that if ACORN does the census work.

This is just one more thing Obama should be taken to task about. There was a lot of rumoring that he was in league with ACORN. Is he paying them back?

How can the administration possibly pull such a stunt?

Chaffetz suggests that instead of giving the money to ACORN with their 750,000 headhunters we use the United States Post Office. That is excellent problem solving.

The Post Office is in the financial hole this year by about two to three billion dollars every quarter; $11 billion would help the coffers.

Here is the choice: We can let ACORN do the census giving them the $11 billion dollars to strengthen their social activities and create a situation where every time the government assigned money to a project or reform people would examine if it seems to favor those people represented by ACORN.

The other choice we have is to give the same money to the Post Office. This would strengthen them financially. They are already going door-to-door. Plus they already have a force of 760,000 people in place while ACORN would try to hire 750,000.

However, the most important thing is that the American people would trust the census much more.

In the face of this if Obama insists on going through with using ACORN he simply validates why many of us can’t wait for the 2012 Presidential election.


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