Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine

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4 responses to “Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine

  1. My son also had severe reactions to vaccines as a baby. He is chronically ill. I hope the American public wakes up to the dangers of vaccines before many more are damaged for pharma profit. Parents please contact your school boards about the swine flu vaccine exemptions.

  2. Gosh, this freakin stinks. How terrible and in 2005? What the heck? I served in the army guard for 21 years and my husband is still in. the only time they ever gave me a shot I didn’t want was a flu shot and I had to take it, which I thought stunk. anyway, it does concern me as my husband leaves for Afghanistan soon and he will be getting tons of shots. In keeping with that I used to serve on the deployment teams from time to time and felt very secure about what the service the soldiers received from myself and other members of the team. However you never know. During my tenure I did see all kinds of stuff that disgusted me.

    This article is just disgusting and this man should have some recourse. Certainly the family has contacted a JAG.

  3. hey don’t get me wrong I got lots of shots and none I enjoyed either.

  4. Vaccines are such an incredibly controversial issue right now. I just wish that more organizations, other than big pharma, were doing UN-BIASED studies to get to the bottom of these vaccines and whether or not they are dangerous. Although it is good that they have created a vaccine for swine flu, they have no idea what the possible long-term effects of such vaccine can/will have. These companies are worried about right now and aren’t looking into the future. I know 3 people who contracted swine flu and they were better in about three days. Most of the people who have died from swine flu already had compromised immune systems. Our body has natural defenses and unless the disease is a huge threat, I advocate that people should have the right to choose whether or not they want something foreign and possibly deadly injected into their bodies.

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