Hitler Youth Comes to America Dr. Thomas Ice

Anyone who has children or is interested in children will want to listen to this program by Brannon Howse.

He documents that the House and Senate has already passed a service bill very similar to Hitler’s Youth.

Is this the private, well-funded, civilian military Obama promised during the campaign?

The bill is already in committee to iron out differences between the House and Senate version and then no doubt will be signed into law by Obama.

Brannon Howse reveals the largely unknown story of how the Obamas are taking national their radical, socialist, and anti-Christian worldview training that was birthed through their organization “Public Allies”. The training will include “social justice” training which is code word for Communism, socialism and Marxism. Obama’s friend, and self-declared Communist, Bill Ayers is now one of the leading social justice authors of textbooks being used nationally. Much of this began years ago with the help of socialist John Dewey and William James.

Click here to listen to this important program.


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