The Government Health Care Plan is Sick – and It’s Bad for Small Business

It just ain’t right, and we can stop it.  First off, it’s un-American.  There’s nothing helpful or redeeming about the plan.  And it’s bad – really bad – for small businesses.  Here are five reasons it’s sick – please share this information with co-workers and employees and contact your representatives; at the end of the post there is a list of additional action you can takeGovernment run health care is losing the battle right now, but it is a tough fight and there’s lots of work to do.

1. It takes away freedom and choice from hundreds of millions of Americans

I’d like to be able to choose my doctor, to choose whether or not I want health insurance, what amount I’ll pay for it, what my deductible will be.  I’d like to be free to determine the care I’ll receive, and not have a group of bureaucrats standing between me and my doctor.  But all that will soon end if the Administration gets its way.

You know how President Obama is telling you, “You get to keep your private health insurance?” Well, he’s only telling you half the truth.  The whole truth is that if you lose or leave your insurance plan, or if ever want to switch plans or change your employer, you cannot have private insurance and instead MUST go on the government plan. That means you get what the government decides to provide you, when they decide you merit it, and you have no choice.  How’s that for hope and change!

2. It’s expensive, bureaucratically bloated, and it won’t work.

In fact, costs will go up by a trillion dollars.  Isn’t the whole reason for taking on health care reform is because Americans believe health care is too expensive, not because they think we should impose socialist universal coverage?  Well, how can you increase costs by a trillion and look us in the eye and keep a straight face . . . this isn’t about health care costs, never has been.  It’s a about control.  And we all know our taxes will be going up to pay for this grand socialist experiment.  Oh,except for the Unions.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all headed toward bankruptcy, and we’re introducing yet another unsustainable entitlement program?  It’s like approaching a cliff in your car and hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake!

Check out how the bureaucracy will look under Obamacare.  Can you find the “Doctor” and “Patient” in there?


3.  It doesn’t require politicians to go on the plan, only the people they govern.

The health plan stinks so bad the politicians are giving themselves exemptions so that they don’t have to use it, but instead get to opt-out, while the rest of us don’t get this choice.

I have no comment on this.  I’m just speechless.  When a cook won’t eat his own cooking, run from the restaurant.  The food might kill you, but it most certainly willput you in danger.  Same with this health care plan.

4. It funds controversial procedures that many Americans deem immoral and coerces all taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Right now, it’s set to fund abortions with tax dollars. Of all the things tax dollars shouldn’t fund, it shouldn’t fund these.  More than half the country opposes the legality of abortions and finds it to be wrong – and then to require them to take their hard earned dollars to pay for others to have abortions?  It’s just wrong.

5. It punishes small businesses.

Small businesses that don’t currently provide health care get an 8% penalty tax taken from their earnings.  Shelly Roche explains more about this in the clip below and more about why small businesses are set to take the brunt of the pain from this plan.

This is wrong and we’re going to stop it.

I’ve written my congressional representatives and explained that I oppose government run health care because

  • it robs us of our freedoms
  • it’s expensive and we can’t afford it
  • it’s bloated
  • it won’t work
  • it exempts politicians
  • it funds procedures I oppose on moral grounds
  • it punishes small businesses

You can take action, too.  Write your congressional rep by using’s tool to quickly get a letter sent (free) to your representative. And then sign Grassfire’s Petition which will be delivered within the next 48 hours.

Send this blog post to everyone you know.  Do something, anything, because you make a difference!

If US health care really is sick, then the government must think the cure is to kill the patient!  We can’t let that happen.

UPDATE:  I have an exit questions to discuss in the comments.  Big Government keeps asserting that health care is a “right.”  Is health care a right?  A right is something that is owed you, that you are free to partake of.  You have the right to free speech, for example, if others owe you the space and freedom to speak, and you are free to speak if you choose.

Some people distinguish between claim rights and liberty rights – claim rights being something you have the right to take, and liberty rights being something you have a right to do.   Big Government says that Health Care is a Claim right (not a Liberty Right), something you ought to be free to HAVE (claim right)  not just something you ought to be free to PURSUE (liberty right).   In fact, under the current proposal the government is taking away your personal liberty right – preventing you from being able to pursue the health care you may individually want – in order to provide every one with a (now more limited) claim right.  They trade choice, freedom and quality for less-choice and less quality, but more “equal” distribution of health outcomes.

Note some key things here – the importance of “Others” in the provision of a right.  So, is health care a right?  Because if it is, then someone has the Obligation and Responsibility to provide the “right” so that you can be freely allowed to partake of it.  That’s another way of saying that someone has the can be forced (obligated) to give you what “rightfully” belongs to you.  Health care is provided only by oneself to oneself, or to oneself by other people.  When government speaks of a health care right, they are speaking of care provided to one citizens by way of another citizen.  So, who are these other citizens who have the obligation to provide health care?  How are they identified?  How will they be coerced?  Is the person who “provides” the health care the one who delivers the service?  Or is it the person who pays for the service?

Our take?  Health care is not a right.  It is one of many goods and services that free peoples can choose to provide to others if others are willing to trade for it.   No one should be coerced into forced labor providing any service – and that means indirectly, too; no one citizen should be forced to hand over a % of the fruits of her labors to pay the people who are providing and consuming the service.

Human beings are mortal.  They die.  We all will die.  It is a given that we’ll all suffer from poor health at some point in our lives and to varying degrees.  Our longevity will in part be determined by our body’s ability to maintain systems in optimal operative condition.  We have an obligation to OUR SELVES to care for our own bodies.  If we want others to help us maintain and repair our biological system, we have no right to coerce them to do it.  We can either learn that service ourselves, and provide ourselves with our own care, or learn to provide a service of value to others so that we can trade with them (and make them better off) in exchange for their service.


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