46% More Likely To Buy Ford ‘Cause It Didn’t Get A Bailout

Public opposition to the auto bailouts may translating into consumer buying decisions, with 46% of Americans now saying they are more likely to buy a car from Ford because it did not take government money to stay in business.

Nearly one-out-of-five Americans (19%) say someone in their family or a friend has chosen not to buy a car from GM or Chrysler because they took bailout money.

Most Americans (53%) believe that it is at least somewhat likely that the government, now that it has substantial ownership stakes in GM and Chrysler, will pass laws and regulations giving those two automakers an unfair advantage over Ford. Thirty percent (30%) say it’s very likely. However, one-out-of-three investors (33%) say it is very likely that the government will give an unfair advantage to the bailed-out automakers.

13% of Americans say someone in their family or one of their friends has bought a car from Ford recently because it did not take a government bailout.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of investors are more likely to buy a Ford, compared to 41% of non-investors. Those working in the private sector by 11 points over government employees give the nod to Ford because it didn’t seek a bailout.

Investors and private sector employees also are less likely to buy a GM car even though the automaker has emerged from bankruptcy.

In June, only 42% of those who currently own a GM car said they were even somewhat likely to buy a GM product for their next car.

Forty-one percent (41%) of Americans expect the quality of GM cars to get worse now that the federal government is the company’s majority owner.

Most Americans have consistently opposed bailouts for the troubled automakers since they were first proposed late last year.

Seventeen percent (17%) say Americans should protest the bailout by boycotting GM and refusing to buy its cars.

Eighty percent (80%) of voters want the government to sell its stake in General Motors and Chrysler as soon as possible.

This statewide telephone survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted by Rasmussen Reports July 23-24, 2009. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Rasmussen Reports is an electronic publishing firm specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information.


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