Are You A Right-wing Extremist?

Request Your Complimentary “Right-wing Extremist” Card and Take a Stand against the New Administration’s Attack Machine

A recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Threat Assessment specifically branded pro-life, pro-veteran, and pro-Second Amendment citizens — as well as those who simply believe in a limited federal government — as right-wing extremists and terror threats! This outrageous report is symptomatic of the animosity our Nation’s new leadership holds toward people of faith and patriots who love our country.

This pattern of profiling Americans according to their faith and their support of traditional values is a serious threat to our liberties! That’s why Liberty Counsel is fighting back by issuing the Official Liberty Counsel “Right-wing Extremist” Card.

Carry The Card… Stand against Anti-Faith and Anti-American Bigotry

This laminated, wallet-sized card — personalized with your name — is a symbol of your rejection of the new Administration’s attacks against people of faith and those who support the core moral values that made our Nation great! We also want you have the phone number to our Liberty Counsel offices in your wallet or purse at all times…. in case you are confronted in any way by a government agent who is hostile to your faith or traditional values.

The card is a free gift to you from the Liberty Counsel. Go to and complete the form.


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