BREAKING NEWS! – Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Exposed?

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6 responses to “BREAKING NEWS! – Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Exposed?

  1. A lot of things need clearing up and put behind us. O’s health plan is not clear and I am sure most of the legislation is not clear to the average Joe. We need more transparency as promised.

  2. his birth name was Barry Soetoro

  3. Sigh. As much as I dislike Obama’s potential issues with the gun control treaties and the ACTA treaty, he was born in Hawaii. It was published in two separate Honolulu papers in 1961. Its on record, you can look it up. Same with the birth certificate, on file with the county like any other.

    And even if we accept the xenophobic style madness that he was born in Kenya, his mother was a U.S. citizen, and by laws that makes him a citizen as well. “Natural born” was clarified in law outside of the Constitution.

    To quote

    “And soon enough, after going to every length possible to confirm the birth certificate’s authenticity, you start asking, what is reasonable here?

    Because if this document is forged, then they all are.

    If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies.”

    Please do me and many other people concerned with our rights, stop this madness. There are serious serious issues at play here. The largest to me is the ACTA treaty, which proposes to do massive harm in the fields of copyright, patent law, businesses, and the creative spirit of this country. All for large corporations.

    I found this blog looking for whispers of a gun control treaty that our corrupt government is trying to pass, and still have not found a good set of facts.

    Facts, science, reason. They are all we have to go on, please bury your bias that hes the “wrong color” and disagrees with you, and keep doing what all Americans have had to do throughout history. Fight for the rights the Constitution gives us.

  4. How can this be breaking news about Obama bithplace. The date on the disclosure was July 13th. This is hardly breaking news. That is over a month ago. Has everyone lost interest? kt


    From: “Orly Taitz”
    To: Orly Taitz dr_taitz
    Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 10:59:57 -0700 (PDT)

    Dear Fellow Patriots,

    Dr. Orly invites you to come to the hearing of Keyes v Obama in which we ask for the original birth certificate, etc.. The case will be heard on Sept. 8, Tuesday, 2009, at 8 AM in the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse at 411 in Santa Ana, CA in Rm. 211, before Judge David O. Carter.

    Another attorney is coming from out of state to assist Dr. Taitz in this and a few other cases on behalf of US military. this gentleman is moving into an empty residence. If you have and old car in drivable condition, furniture, household items, truck to move things or a pair of hands to help, let us know and call Dr. Taitz at 949-683-5411

    Dr. Orly also is flying and flying across country in these crucial efforts to bring these cases to justice. If you have frequent flyer points accumulated with airlines, car rentals, hotels or restaurant chains, let us know.

    Thank you for your help.

    Evelyn Bradley
    for Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq
    26302 La Paz ste 211
    Mission Viejo Ca 92691
    29839 S. Margarita Pkwy
    Rancho Santa Margarita Ca 92688
    ph. w 949-586-8110 c-949-683-5411
    fax 949-586-2082


    * NOTE: Apparently Dr. Orly Taitz has obtained a true legally certified copy of the 1964 divorce decree and corresponding documentation that proves Mr. OBAMA was in fact not born in the USA, and will be presented to the Court on that day while all parties are legally served as well.

    UPDATE: Also presented to the Court is a sworn Affidavit under penalty of perjury with a copy of Mr. OBAMA’s Birth Certificate proving that he was born in Mombassa, KENYA in 1961.

  6. I am totally confused. Is there not some agency of the government, congress or courts which has the responsibility of determining that the Constitutional requirements for qualification to serve as president of the USA? We have to prove our citizenship and every other thing to do just about anything — to join the military, to receive benefits, etc. This MUST be resolved quickly or our Constitution will be virtually of no value.

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