Robert B. Thieme, Jr., Pastor of Berachah Church Passed Through Death Into Eternity Sunday

Robert B. Thieme, Jr., pastor of Berachah Church from 1950-2003 and president of R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries, passed through death into eternity Sunday, 16 August 2009 at 8:45 PM and is now “absent from the body and face to face with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8b). He was the beloved husband of Betty Beal Thieme and devoted father of Robert B. Thieme III. He is also survived by his sister, Ann T. Wallis, and his cousins, Fredericka Botts and Nancy N. Harder.

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26 responses to “Robert B. Thieme, Jr., Pastor of Berachah Church Passed Through Death Into Eternity Sunday

  1. Mrs. J.B. (Patricia A. Curtis)

    I don’t have a web-site, but just to tell anyone that I think that Colonel Thieme was one of the best, doctrinal teachers ever. I listened to him for over 35 years…and never heard the word of God taught as clearly, and throughly as Colonel Thieme did. My husband and I wish to send our wishes to both Mrs. Thieme, Jr. and Bobby.

  2. I’ve learnt so much over approx. 25 years of study under Bob Thiemes’ tape ministries; starting back in the ’70’s. What a wonderful Paster with his dedication in teaching Gods’ word, and praise the Lord that Bob was my first teacher as I embarked on my christian walk. I look forward to meeting Bob in the future. Sympathies to Mrs.Thieme and Family. Chris T. of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  3. Col. Thieme made such a difference in so many lives. His clear teaching of the Bible made Christ real to many of us that floundered through life. He was a vessel that God used to present His Word to a lost and dying world.
    Well done, Col. Thieme! We’ll see you soon.

  4. Col. Thieme had the unique ability to teach God’s word in such a manner that one only had to follow his teachings to come to the purely logical conclusion that the bible was the communication given to us by the supreme ruler and creator of all things. Col. Thieme taught with authority, but never left his audience with the need to rely upon his words, instead, verified his word by comparing it to scripture.
    I have been blessed over the last forty plus years to have been taught God,s word by tapes provided by Col. Thieme. I was fortunate enough to meet him when he came to Miami Fl. and I was in awe of his humbleness as a person when compared to the authority with which he taught. Col. Theime’s teachings have allowed myself and many others to know Jesus, and thru him be redeemed back into God’s family. I am sure God has greeted Col. Theime saying “WELCOME GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”

  5. Marvin Bagabaldo

    Bible doctrine will never die!

  6. i have just been introduced to his studies this year and have never felt so close to the LORD, his teachings was clear and powerful. He will be missed.

  7. RB and his faithful teaching continues to impact my life. He truly is one of the great, great ones.

  8. Col. R.B. Thieme, Jr., because of his diligent digging into the Word of God in It’s original languages, changed my life. He categorized the Doctrines of the Bible, so they could be learned and applied. He taught us Grace and Truth and his teaching of Rebound – confessiion of sin through I John 1:9 – is the foundation by which the Holy Spirit teaches us. The issue is Who and What Jesus Christ is, not who and what we are, and to get our eyes on Him and His Word, not our human viewpoint solutions. These Truths have been passed on to my kids, and even though Col. Thieme is in Heaven, God, through His matchless Grace, continues to provide true exegetes of the Word who are also willing to study and teach Grace and Truth. When moving from the Dallas area, God provided a Grace Pastor/Teacher in Las Vegas so we can continue growing in the spiritual life. I will be grateful through all eternity to our faithful God for providing R.B. Thieme, Jr.’s tape ministry of Grace for my family. The Col. also taught that our attitude toward Bible Doctrine is absolutely critical to our nation’s survival (so pertinent for today). Our prayers are with Betty and Bobby and family as well as the Berachah Church family.

  9. God bless him

  10. Thursday’s Bible study was an unusual one following the announcement of col.R.B.Thieme’s slept in the Lord to the Bible study student. The African chapter president of Grace Evangelistic Ministries-past. Darlington Elekwa gave each individual the opportunity to make comment on how Col. Thieme has impacted his/her life through his publications and tapes. Different views were heard, To some his book. “The Integrity of God” has made them understand who God is, His essence the basis on which He relates to us (righteousness and justice). To others, it was “The faith Rest life” that has helped them stabilize and relax knowing very well that God was in control, while others cited “The Plan of God” which has helped them understand who they are in God’s plan. Some could not wait to mention “In whom Do you Trust” which has help them to trust in God in all situations. Prayer, Giving, Grace or Gimmick were among publication mentioned as the list was endless. Man could not single out a book because to them virtually all the publications they have studied have impacted their lives to the glory of God. In summary, past. Darlington Elekwa was quoted as saying “Thieme will be a fully decorated General when we shall meet at the judgment seat of Christ.” Wishes to Betty and Bobby. Complied by: Peter Chuwang (Jos Plateau State.Nigeria.

  11. R.B. Thieme simply dedicated his life to the word of God: to study and teach it. By that simple example, he presented many of us with the food we so need to live this life daily. I am grateful to God for his emphasis on faith alone in Christ alone and on the absolute necessity to take in God’s word daily. He was semper fi. I miss him greatly. Thank God for tapes and publications.

  12. My parents were led to Col. Thieme’s ministry before I was born. I was blessed with his ministry from the start. His voice was a comfort to me and his categorical teaching is the foundation of my life. I am now blessed with his son’s ministry. I salute you by dear Colonel.

  13. After seeking God with all my heart, I was clearly lead me to my right Pastor-Teacher, RB Thieme Jr. This man’s blessed ability to teach the Bible changed my life . I know ‘” straight up from straight down ” God’s Word . I became a Chaplain because of all of the blessings God gives me through the enriched doctrine taught by the greatest pastor of all time. I was the security person for him at his Tucson conferences and meeting him was the greatest honor. He saluted me as he left Tucson for the last time. This was a Pastor’s Pastor, and a Man’s Man….Thank-you Lord for the Robert Bunger Thieme Jr…

  14. Richard E. Vinson, Jr., TSgt, USAF - Ret.

    I was introduced to Col. Thieme’s ministry during the fall of 1979 by a good friend, SSgt. Homer Veal of TOPSIDE, while stationed at Aviano AB, Italy. Col. Thieme’s teaching of God’s Word greatly stabilized my life and walk with Jesus Christ. He made coordinated sense of what was previously a confusing Christian Way of Life. I met him and Katie Tapping at Houston during a Christmas leave in December 1982. He and Katie were very gracious to me during that visit. His ministry had become a wonderful and decisive blessing in my life and led me to achieve many great things before my retirement from active Air Force duty in 1996. His clear teachings of God Word/Bible Doctrine remain to this day a great stabilizing force in my life. I will forever be grateful to God for Colonel Thieme and his faithful teaching ministry. My condolences and prayers are for and with Mrs. Thieme and Bobby. My prayers and best wishes go out to Bobby as he endeavors to continue the faithful study and instruction of God’s Word at Berachah Church.

  15. Ebenezer de Veer

    R.B.Thieme Jr. was indeed a blessing most people who came into contact with his teachings. As ws said earlier, there is no publication that one acn single out as the best. His teachings make the whole the bible understood, without ambigouity and contradictions. The bible indeed defines the essence and significance of living. To me, it is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. All his publication are owesome , but the one the motivates and have fallen in love with is the ‘Follow the colors’. I know he is in the presence of God and been decorated with highest of honour. He makes it clear that we all have been given the same opportunities and priviledges to attain the objectives that God has set for every beliver. Col we know that we will meet together some day.

  16. N.Arul Pandiaraj

    Robert B. Thieme, Jr., pastor of Berachah Church from 1950-2003 and president of R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries, passed through death into eternity Sunday, 16 August 2009 at 8:45 PM and is now “absent from the body and face to face with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8b). He was the beloved husband of Betty Beal Thieme and devoted father of Robert B. Thieme III. He is also survived by his sister, Ann T. Wallis, and his cousins, Fredericka Botts and Nancy N. Harder.

    When I saw the news today,I was shocked because he has been in contact with me from 1984 till February 2009. I lost a good Pastor and equally a good friend.

    N.Arul Pandiaraj

  17. The word of God is Alive and Powerful … thanks be to the teachings of Col. Theime through tapes … i have been studying under his ministery for many years , and am very thankful for the doc which has enabled me to have the capacity to live this temporary life and fill the vaccum in my soul . His way of teaching is So Clear .. You Get It Eventually thru repetition ..nothing else compares to “The meat of the Word ” as he taught it .. Many Thanks Pastor Theime ..

  18. Helen S Hurley and husband Dr. James M Hurley, also Air Force Col., Air Guard, Ret.

    My mother. who sought God in her prayers, was led to Col Thieme’s tapes and publications, and listened daily to him for over 40 years and went to be with the Lord in 1990. I was also searching as a high school teen, and read the book of Matthew and the whole world made sense to me, and I said, “Yes, I believe!” and I too began to listen to Bob Theime’s tapes and began to GROW under his teaching. My mother was truly a Matriarch the best sense, as she gave Thieme’s tapes to family and then to to friends. Her children, two daughters and one son, and their children, came to know Christ, under his ministry. Please give his books and tapes to your family and friends; it is the best way to witness to God’s present to the world, His Son.

  19. Helen S. Hurley and husband Dr. james Hurley, he

    I, (and my wo my knowledge) shouted out in my teen-aged heart to show me God. Then I read the book of Matt and the whole world opened up and began to make sense to me. Then I came across Bob Thieme’s books and tapes and I began to GROW as a Christian. I had simply said,” I believe in your Son.” My prayers go out for comfort for his wife and son, Bobby and family. God has indeed said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” to Bob. please give his tapes and books away to your family and friends.

  20. Helen S. Hurley and husband Dr. james Hurley, he

    I just posted a comment to Bob Thieme’sogoing to the glory of God. In addition I want to mention that you Google Robert R. McLaughlin Bible Ministries web site. [] He is a Thiemer and you will find his tapes an little books very good. A major in Greek and Hebrew also, as Bob was. He is easy to listen to, and he uses multiple references to scripture, which I always look up in my NASB or Amplified Bible, which I love.

  21. Helen S. Hurley and husband Dr. james Hurley, he

    Helen again.. Pardon my last comment, I guess I’m tired, but I wanted also to say that for the last 3 years God has seen fit to put me in bed, in a lot of pain. but He has given me great joy, and I listen to Thieme and McLaughlin everyday; without them I could not exist. To all shut-in’s like myself, please order these tapes and books. They are free, if you cannot pay. You will not be sorry. God will open up a whole new world to you. Blessings from Helen!

  22. Gazelle Loide G. Estacion

    LTC Thiemes’ teaching makes me to understand grace…resting/living by faith and makes me to face life boldly because of the doctrine I’ve learned hrough his teaching. God’s word is powerful!!!!

  23. Richard d Peoples

    His doctrine was clear, lucid, and ground breaking. I credit him for changing my life in 1976 during my 4 year tour in the Marine Corp. His doctrine changed me completely. I am sure his light is one of the brightest in heaven.

  24. I am a South African and have been exposed to the Colonel’s ministry from 1973 and went on to be ordained by him in 1991. The Colonel man studied the Word, taught the Word, loved the Word, breathed the Word and disseminated the Word worldwide.
    Through his ICE teaching, I have learned how to stabilize in every circumstance and look at life from the divine viewpoint. I am relieved that his ministry will continue long after his death which is superb heritage impact

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