Keyes v Obama Hearing Set Sept 8th in Santa Ana, CA.

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Thank You, Vytautas


2 responses to “Keyes v Obama Hearing Set Sept 8th in Santa Ana, CA.

  1. She has a passion for it. Berg has had all the legal documents before she got started so I tend to look at his site.

  2. Mr Obama has a good thing going here. David Axlerod will never allow Obama to release his Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. It provides a convenient negative talking point to cover all of his opposition. As long as you keep chasing this you will be marginalized as “Crazy nut jobs”. Unfortunately it drags a lot of others in with you.

    Kinda like the neighbors dog chasing your car. What happens if it catches your car? NOTHING. It can’t.

    So. Keep wasting your energy and money on this… Or… You can find decent people to run. You can spend your money and time promoting them to replace the presently elected clowns in the federal legislature, the state legislatures, governorships and, your local level.

    Don’t get involved in ousting these clowns in 2010, 2012 and, 2014. Obama, the progressive nut jobs that have highjacked both parties and, the progressive media thank you. Together we outnumber them. But… as long as you waste blood and treasure chasing the red herrings that they drop for you we are a house divided.

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