A Little Gun Control History

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Thank You, Vytautas


One response to “A Little Gun Control History

  1. As we speak it has been nearly a month since this post, there are no responses, this is rather disconcerting to say the least. There is a bill currently awaiting our Gov.’s signature here in Calif. AB-962. One can only hope that this thinly veiled attempt @ baning guns will be VETO ed . The liberal left will continue to try and disguise these attempts until one slips bye. The present administration is clearly steamrollering their Marxist’s Socialist’s agenda thru our country & chipping away @ our rights and freedoms in an unprecedented effort @ overthrowing our Constitution & Eliminating the Bill of Rights. The Anti-Gun Division of this expanded administration has a necessary mission, as a armed citizen will not willingly march lock-step into volunteering all his time to the betterment of a self-appointed _President. Currently Pres. Obama has taken by force and ousted from private Ind. mind you, the Pres. of General Motors Corp. Along with Chrysler, the Banking Industry, the Insurance Ind. The Mortgage Ind. and Almost All Institutes of higher learning. Hundred’s of millions of our tax dollars are funding organizations like ACORN, NEA, & under Acorn, 274 Individual non profit group’s that all operate out of one central office, (a converted home in MS.) Our Children have been being brainwashed by the likes of Ward Churchill, The Rev. J Wright, Van Jones Buffy & her friend Jarret. I’m not sure we can turn this around but unless we take a stand and try you will be wearing a brown-shirt in one of Obama’s forces like it or not. And if you give up your 2nd amendment right’s,& lay down your ability to defend yourself I pray that God will help protect you & your family. (The article on the Swiss vote is actually a couple of yrs old and there was a ban instituted for a short while, it has since been modified and mostly overturned)

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