Attempts To Criminalize Christianity Have Just Begun

Today in Congress, Rep. Barney Frank officially put his anti-faith Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) on the fast track.

ENDA is an extremely dangerous bill that tries to put Christians on the wrong side of the law. Legal analysis concludes that even non-profit organizations and ministry groups can be forced to comply with ENDA – opening them up to costly legal challenges and charges of discrimination by homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.

And Christian business owners are not exempt, meaning millions of Christian-owned small businesses would be forced to violate their own religious convictions in order to comply with ENDA. At the hearing, one Representative spoke of requiring businesses with as few as five employees to comply!

The first ENDA hearing took place today in the House Education and Labor Committee. Even before the hearing, Frank was already claiming that he has the votes to pass ENDA! This is outrageous!

ENDA is the Trojan Horse for Criminalizing Christianity

Because ENDA deals with employment issues, this bill will have far-reaching ramifications that will impact millions of Americans.

ENDA will run roughshod over the rights of Christians and criminalize Christian beliefs.

ENDA is the Trojan Horse that radical homosexual activists are using to codify into the law an anti-Christian bias and open up floodgates of litigation against Christian businesses and organizations!


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