COWARD! Harry Reid Won’t Meet With His Constituents Face to Face

Harry Reid. Democrat Senator of Nevada. The current Senate Majority Leader of the United States.

He wants everything Obama wants. He wants ObamaCare big time. Is he willing to explain why he wants it?

No. In fact, he’s too chicken-shit to even meet with his own constituents face to face.

Reid 6

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

“A day after holding up a square of Astroturf to denounce the orchestrated attacks on Democratic town hall meetings on health care, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office said he would be talking with his Nevada constituents this month over the phone lines.”

“Reid’s office is scheduling a telephone town hall meeting for August, opting to avoid the shouting matches and microphone speeches that have erupted at events across the country. The senator expects to reach thousands of Nevadans, including those in the state’s rural expanse.”

“It’s a forum that obviously lets us reach more people, but also provides a more respectful environment that allows all sides to be heard,” said Reid spokesman Jon Summers.”

All sides to be heard? Really??? Are we to believe opponents of ObamaCare will be represented in this “phone forum?”

Sounds like more of that “transparency” we were promised.

2010 can’t come fast enough.


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