Democrats Refuse To Put The Health Care Bill Online

The health care bill being proposed will NOT be available to the American people on line; The Democrats will only let you see 256 pages of “conceptual” language on the Internet.

They don’t want it on the Web and their reasoning is it would be confusing and we wouldn’t understand the wording — it’s in legal language (and we are not as intelligent as our Congress).

They can’t tell us what it looks like because they don’t know for sure.

“The American people are angry that Speaker Pelosi didn’t allow the public and their elected representatives to read the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ bill or the national energy tax before they were rammed through the House,” Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, said Wednesday. “Congress can, and must, do better.”

He is concerned that the “health care bill” is being rammed through in the same way.   What is wrong with publishing the entire bill online? As someone said, “we’ve waited 25 years for health care, what’s three days more?”

Remember, Obama promised  “every bill” would be online! Why don’t we hear more about this broken promise? In the summer, Mrs. Pelosi said she would allow a 48-hour waiting period prior to bringing health care legislation up for a vote, but I don’t think that will happen either.

They can’t tell us how much it will cost because they don’t know. Now that the various healthcare plans are being finalized, the conclusion is becoming evident: The Obama plan is a giant tax increase for much of the American people (not just the rich). The elderly are going to be hit also.

What is the 256-page “conceptual” health care bill? Conceptual — pertaining to concepts or forming of concepts.  Let’s see — if you go to buy an automobile would you sign on the dotted line if you only viewed a conceptual design of it? If you have “no idea” of what it will cost you — would you sign on the dotted line?


One response to “Democrats Refuse To Put The Health Care Bill Online

  1. This is just ridiculous. Even if this bill was in such cryptic legalese that it was incomprehensible to most people, surely there are people out there: Lawyers, judges, former Congressmen… who could make sense of it.

    And if it is that cryptic and subjective, it shouldn’t be passed anyway… should we write a health care bill so shoddy that my allergy medications might have to be decided by a court?

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