The International Olympic Committee Gave Obama “The Finger”

Obama, acting as a pimp for his big-moneyed donors, put his personal prestige on the line on in Copenhagen and made a pitch to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

Chicago was the first city to be voted out!

In this economy, there would surely be intense oversight of how Olympic Dollars are spent, even in Chicago – . overruns being stuck on taxpayers, corruption, etc. If you haven’t noticed, Illinois has one ex-Governor in jail, another headed that way, an illegitimate Senator, a nepotistically-appointed Cook County Board President who’s given Chicagoans the highest sales tax in the nation, ongoing federal probes of City Hall etc. etc. etc. The Olympic committee has a rich history of expecting and receiving bribes, so they awarded the games to a country where financial scrutiny won’t be as vigorous as in the U.S.

“Hahahahaha,” Erick Erickson wrote. “I thought the world would love us more now that Bush was gone. I thought if we whored ourselves out to our enemies, great things would happen. Apparently not. So Obama’s pimped us to every two bit thug and dictator in the world, made promises to half the Olympic Committee, and they did not even kiss him.”

“This is a big win and a massive relief for taxpayers,” Michelle Malkin wrote.

The National Review Online called the episode an “embarrassment for Obama,” before adding: “If he can’t work his personal magic with the Olympians, why does he expect it to work with the Iranians?


There has been a growing narrative about Obama’s presidency in recent weeks: that he is a miserable failure.

Chicago’s dismal showing today, after Obama’s personal, impassioned last-minute pitch, is a stunning humiliation for this president.

Americans want their presidents to be winners – not losers.

Obama was greeted, as usual, like a rock star by the IOC delegates in Copenhagen, then humiliated by them. Perception is reality. A narrow defeat for Chicago would have been acceptable, but the sheer scale of the defeat was a bombshell and is a major blow for Obama at a time when questions are being asked about his style of governance.

It is difficult to turn on a television and not see Obama giving a press conference, or an interview, or at a town hall rally, in his all-out effort to sell Obamacare. After three months of enormous exposure, all Obama has achieved the growing likelihood of ramming a Bill through Congress with, at most, just one Republican vote.

Obama promised in his Inauguration address to engage our enemies, and he proceeded to kiss our enemy’s asses and apologize for America. He has nothing to show for this despicable behavior other than embarrassment. Yes, Iran took part in bilateral talks with the US this week over its nuclear weapons program, but that is something Tehran has wanted for years. There is still a very good chance that the meetings will prove to be an exercise in futility and a time-wasting ploy by Tehran.

Obama also scrapped the plan for a missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, brown nosing the Russians and hoping to get in return Russian co-operation behind new sanctions against Tehran. Vladimir Putin, and the Chinese, remain fiercely opposed to sanctions.

Meanwhile, we are being forced to witness a very public agonizing by Obama and his advisers over his Afghan strategy, six months after he announced that failing strategy.

This has all added to the realization that Obama’s soaring rhetoric is simply not enough when it comes to confronting the myriad challenges of the presidency. His spectacular Olympic failure will only add to that.


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