Reid Is Scheming To Rush The ObamaCare Bill Through The Senate

Democratic Senator Harry Reid is scheming to rush the anti-life ObamaCare bill through the Senate, and this could all take place within the next two weeks.

Reid is planning on using his authority as Democratic Majority Leader to rush the ObamaCare bill directly to the Senate floor – possibly within days of next week’s Senate Finance Committee vote – where he will attach it to an unrelated bill.

The “bill replacement” strategy would essentially eliminate a full debate but it requires 60 votes in the Senate. Fearing they cannot get 60 votes, Democrats are considering the so-called “nuclear option” which would make ObamaCare part of the budget process and reduce the number of Senate votes needed for passage to 51.

Both strategies would give opponents of ObamaCare little or no time to analyze the actual text of the bill.  The socialist proponents of a government takeover of healthcare do not want the American people to know what’s in this bill. The bottom line is this…

Obama and the socialists are working right now behind closed doors on a draft of ObamaCare that we will not see with time to respond. Their goal is to rush this secret bill to passage before any grassroots opposition can mount!

Abortion is still very much a part of ObamaCare! Democrats refuse to include provisions to prevent taxpayer funding of abortions through ObamaCare. They have voted down abortion exclusion amendments more than thirty times!

In fact, the Senate Finance Committee version specifically stipulates that every state healthcare “exchange” must include at least one plan that covers abortion! That means nearly every person in America would be forced to fund abortion if Obama and his socialist allies have their way!

If Reid uses Senator Baucus’s bill as the basis of the final plan, there are stiff fines and even jail time for those who refuse to participate!

Tell the Senate you OBJECT to their underhanded stealth strategies to pass ObamaCare using procedural gimmicks. Tell them you OBJECT to the abortion mandate in the bill. Tell them you REJECT their government-mandated program that will jail dissenters.

Below you will find the information you need to contact the leaders of Your America:

To find your Senator, click here.

Or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Phone: 202-224-3542


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