Chamberlain vs. Obama

By Lionel Waxman

All day I have heard Barack Obama compared to Neville Chamberlain in Chamberlain’s sell out of Europe to Adolf Hitler and Obama’s sell-out of our East European allies to Russia. But there is no real comparison. While the effect may be similar, the motives are different.

No one ever accused Chamberlain of being a Nazi or secretly hoping to destroy Europe. The same cannot be said for Obama who, in my opinion, is a traitor whose purpose in office is to destroy the United States and pave the way for a socialist-communist takeover similar to that in Venezuela. You need not be a psychic to see where Obama is taking this country. You just need to remove those rose colored glasses.

In less than a year, Obama has wrecked the national economy, shredded the Constitution, divided the people, appointed high officials extralegally, and threatened to curtail press freedom and create a domestic standing army answerable only to the president.

Chamberlain’s actions, however misguided, were those of a patriot. Obama’s are those of a traitor.


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