Come And Take It

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One response to “Come And Take It

  1. Hi.
    Love the reference to the Come And Take It flag.
    Please note that the Wikipedia reference has been corrected back to it’s original entry regarding the flag made in the 1980s (somebody erroneously changed the entry to read M16, instead of FN-FAL); the first one was an FN-FAL, not an M-16. The M-16/AR-15 variation of the flag was designed by me in 1994 and copyrighted the same year:

    In modern times, the “come and take it” flag has been modified and used as a symbol of Freedom. The first-known modified version, from the 1980s, replaces the cannon with an FN-FAL battle rifle and was displayed at a Bill of Rights rally in Arizona following the announcement by President George H. W. Bush that certain types of firearms and firearms parts would be banned. It was shown at a number of later rallies and campaign events through the late 1990s, and now resides in a private collection located in Henderson, Texas at Clinton Masonic Lodge No. 23.

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