Mistakes In Al Gore’s New Book Begin With The Cover

The follow up to An Inconvenient Truth by former Vice President Al Gore called Our Choice, has once again shown the lack of science follow through. It all begins on the cover, and basically it is wrong.  The cover has a fold out that shows a view of the Western Hemisphere today, and an artist rendition of what it may look like if drastic environmental policy is not enforced.  From a meteorological perspective, it has the legitimacy of the movie The Day After Tomorrow.  Look at the images in the slide show below to see how dramatic and inaccurate the photo shop job was.  As The Atlantic Hurricane Examiner, I take exception the following issues:

  1. The storm near Florida is spinning the wrong way.
  2. The hurricane on the equator is impossible following the Laws of Physics.
  3. Complete countries such as Cuba and many in Central America that disappear under water.
  4. The ice at the north pole completely disappears, but the ice at the arctic circle remains

It’s one thing to push the extreme notion of rising sea levels, but some of these land masses have very tall mountains that wont taste salt water unless there is a major collapse of the tectonic plates along the lines of Krakatau. Besides, these claims are ramping up ahead of the December Climate Summit in Copenhagen.  In 2005, the record year was the pinnacle of the Global Warming Movement with claims that more of the same would follow.  Since then, the tropical activity has slowed down dramatically.  This year has turned out to be below normal, even with the late eruption of Hurricane Ida in November. The Hurricane season forecast was lowered with the expectation of 12 named storms.  We have only has 9, the quietest in a decade.  It’s been so calm, that I spent the majority of time in this forum discussing the typhoons in Asia.  The Philippines did get hit with 7 storms this year though.

As for criticism of the leader of the green movement, Al Gore has a long line just waiting to debate him.  A debate in which he refuses to grant, stating the science if in.  There is dissent among the consensus, and the doubters got a surge of ammunition last week when Climate Change conspirators were busted by computer hackers. The computer at Britain’s Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia was hacked, unleashing  thousands of emails and documents showing how some climate scientists seemed confused that the planet was not warming, but cooling contrary to computer models.  It also showed plans to block any papers that would show evidence of planetary cooling.

To read the rest of this article go to: http://www.examiner.com/x-11224-Baltimore-Weather-Examiner~y2009m11d23-Mistakes-in-Al-Gores-new-book-begin-with-the-cover


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