Make Sure You Do Your Part In November 2010.

Your U.S. House & Senate Have Voted Themselves $4,700 & $5,300 Raises For 2010 & 2011.

They Voted To NOT Give Seniors A Social Security Cost Of Living Raise In 2010 and 2011.

Your Medicaid Premiums Will Go Up $285.60 For These 2 Years, And You Will Not Get The 3% COLA – $660/yr .

Your Total 2 Year Loss Is $1,600 Or $3,200 For Husband And Wife.

Over The Next Two Years, They Will Get $9,400 and $10,600.

Do You Feel SCREWED?

Will They Limit YOUR INCREASES In The Cost Of Drugs, Doctor Fees, Local Taxes, Food, Etc.? – NO!

But They Will Receive Their Raises And Still Keep Their “Gold Standard” Healthcare Program.

Why Should They Care About You? You Never Did Anything About It In The Past. You Are Obviously Too Stupid Or Don’t Care To Do Anything In The Future.

Do You Really Think They Care About You?



In 2010, You Will Have A Chance To Make A Real Change. Every Member Of The U.S. House And 1/3 Of The Senate Is Up For Reelection Or Replacement.

Make Sure You Do Your Part In November 2010.


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