Do You Miss This Guy Yet?

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2 responses to “Do You Miss This Guy Yet?

  1. I certainly do miss “The Gipper”! I was a fan of his even though he wasn’t a great actor. I didn’t think he was a great president either but you just got to love a man who you believe is always telling the truth. I voted for him as well as George Bush the 41st. Unfortunately, I honestly don’t believe I can ever again vote Republican! The GOP I remember and respect is gone. It’s so sad to have such a wonderful man like Ronald Reagan to point to with pride only to look at what politics has done to the party of Lincoln!

  2. No, I do not miss him. While it is true his acting job as a good President made us feel good for a while, the lack of ethics his government engendered has lead to the manifold problems we now face in the world. When will people learn that big government, whether Republican’t or Dumbocrat is BAD government? Oh and Jerry Tee? he was a GREAT actor, he acted like a good President for eight years while others did the real work. He was the product of good handlers.

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