Carson City, Nevada Considers Spending $45 Million on a New Library

It is hard to believe in a State, hit especially hard by the recession, that Carson City is thinking of spending $45 million dollars that they do not have. They have no firm plan for financing or knowing how much taxpayer funds are being put at risk.

A couple of petty bullies, Supervisors Robin Williamson and Molly Walt severely chastised the Chamber of Commerce for being less than enthusiastic about the project which requires a $45 million public investment, including a new library, digital media center, economic incubator, transit hub, parking garage and public square.

There have been questions raised about a possible city guarantee of profits for the developer as he/she/it proceeds with the construction of high rise buildings housing residential condos, professional offices and retail stores. Keep in mind that currently there is a lot of empty store space in the city. Banks may not lend the developer money unless financial risks are lowered, ie. taxpayer guarantees.

There have also been questions raised about projected rents from the economic incubator, digital media lab, and high rise mixed-use buildings that would help retire the nearly $100 million dollar cost of the project.

And more questions about the Nugget Casino’s “offer” of leasing the land for all this and how much those lease rates would be. No numbers have been offered. And despite claims of implied “generosity” from the Casino, the amount of re-investment into the community from those land rents has not been identified.

The Chamber of Commerce just wants to know how all this will shake out on behalf of the community, the taxpayers and the economy. What the hell is so wrong about that?

However, Library Foundation President Pat Glick insists that the Nugget Casino Project is “worthy” of the community’s wholehearted endorsement, including the Chamber’s, based on the very limited information currently released. Kind of sounds like Obama in the last election. Vote for change. However, I will not tell you the details of that Change until I am in office.

Glick, acting like a child, demanded that the Library Foundation’s membership in the Carson City Chamber of Commerce be canceled immediately. How dare someone oppose something she wants done!

It is easy for Glick to endorse spending other peoples money for her pet project. If this project is so “worthy”, then why doesn’t Glick raise the $45 million through voluntary contributions from all her supporters? Oh, liberals do not like to do that. Liberal support evaporates when you ask them for money! That’s why they want to spend Your Money, not theirs.

I praise the Chamber of Commerce for trying to protect the taxpayers of Carson City. Let them discover the answers to all the questions so the taxpayers can make an intelligent decision.

By the way, efforts in the past to convince the voters to vote yes on a new library, funded with a property tax override, have failed.


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