The One Year Anniversary of the Democrat’s “Stimulus”

Today, February 17, 2010,  U.S. Congressman Dean Heller (R-NV) made the following statement on the one year anniversary of the trillion dollar “stimulus” (H.R. 1).

“My number one priority in Congress is to turn our economy around and get Nevadans back to work.  Despite claims that the stimulus bill would provide an ‘immediate jolt’ to our economy and unemployment would not rise above eight percent, millions of jobs have been lost and many Nevadans have lost their homes.  Big government and massive debt is impeding economic recovery.  A real stimulus package would have targeted expanded tax relief that would allow Americans and small businesses to manage their own money instead of sending it to bureaucrats in Washington,” said Heller.

Since February 17, 2009, Nevada has lost more than 61,000 jobs and more than 2.8 million jobs have been lost nationwide.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, only Washington, DC and North Dakota have experienced job growth in the last year.


2 responses to “The One Year Anniversary of the Democrat’s “Stimulus”

  1. I often wonder about what the original congress of these United States would think of all of the things that government now pays for. I thought their original intent was that the federal government took care of national and international issues like defense, treaties, international trade and the like. States took care of state wide issues like keeping business going and roads. Churches, families and communities were to take care of health and welfare issues.
    Now we have government fingers in everything from what crops farmers can plant to how a business should be run. The constitution guarantees that we can pursue happiness not that we shall attain it. It says we should be able to look for a job, and not be discriminated against, but it does always say we will have a job. We demand so much we do not deserve. When will it all end.

  2. The question of what our founders would think of the government we have “evolved” has often been in my thoughts. First, our forefathers set up a government that was supposed to be small in numbers. Now look at it, the largest employer in the nation. (2) No member of the government was to reap monetary or other benefits from the government that would enrich them. Look at the salaries members of Congress now get. (3) Congress was to represent the people. It was not supposed to be a career. Representatives of the people were to go to Washington for at least one session each year, presumed to last 45-60 days and then the legislators were to go back to their districts and return to their work. They received per diem to cover expenses. (4) Duties not enumerated in the Constitution were to be left to the government of each state — things such as education, health issues, welfare issues, etc. (5) The government they envisioned did not intrude into the lives of the citizenry like it does today.
    I wish we could return to that type of government!

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