Obama Has Learned Nothing From Resounding Defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Arrogantly dismissing the clear voice of the American people, Obama just unveiled his proposal for government mandated healthcare: He intends on tweaking the differences between the Senate and House versions.

The “President’s Proposal” for a government takeover of health care comes just a few days ahead of the so-called summit meeting with Republicans on Thursday.

This is no surprise. Obama has been ramping up the rhetoric for weeks declaring that he will not quit until ObamaCare is passed. His cronies, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been busily touting “reconciliation” as a threat to pass healthcare and bypass a full and informed vote.

Obama’s $1 trillion dollar proposal, allegedly designed to be “budget neutral,” was written so that it could be attached to a Senate budget bill. And how are the trillion dollars to be recouped? The word “taxes” appears 35 times in his text!

“Reconciliation” is designed to trump any attempted Republican filibuster. In fact, Obama drew a line in the sand and is daring Republicans to cross it!

Of course, all of this was concocted behind closed doors… under a deep cloak of secrecy… with the clear intention of making the repeatedly expressed opposition of the American people irrelevant.

Once again, the socialist health care “reform” process has turned into overt political trickery in order to ram ObamaCare down the throats of America’s citizens.

The arrogance of these elected officials is mind-boggling! They continue to invent cunning new ways to attempt to pass their bill, all the time knowing that a growing majority of Americans strongly disapprove!

Who will hold them accountable? WE WILL!

This week will be crucial as members of Congress are pressured in the back rooms of Capitol Hill to accept the Obama/Reid/Pelosi reconciliation plan.

That’s why I want to once again launch a massive PHONE BARRAGE to flood Congress with a crystal clear message: “NO TO OBAMACARE!

Honestly, I didn’t think this would be necessary again after Scott Brown’s “Massachusetts Miracle” and the growing disaffection of key Democrat lawmakers.

But although he says he’s no ideologue, Obama has become completely maniacal about passing his pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-fiscal sanity health care bill!

Obama’s call for a summit with Republicans to “seek common ground” is nothing more than a political smokescreen. His understanding of “common ground” is actually, “How much of my bill can you stomach in order to pass it? If none, we’ll pass it anyway!”

In short, the summit is a hoax. Obama’s motives are completely disingenuous.

This week eight ultraliberal Democrat Senators sent a letter to their Glorious Leader asking him to include the so-called “public option.”  I believe that they are now so sure of themselves in passing ObamaCare that the radicals in the bunch WANT IT ALL!

Don’t let anyone fool you – “reform” is code for government- run health care. The socialist mindset believes that the government should run everything in this country – from cradle to grave.

It’s no wonder that Obama’s approval ratings are falling rapidly – he’s simply not listening to the American people. And his closest allies in Congress have tin ears, as well.

Well, let’s send a huge wake-up call to Congress with our intense PHONE BARRAGE!! Let’s go all out to protest ObamaCare’s special perks, backroom deals, bribery and the scandalous way in which the process has been handled.

Now more than ever, Chicago-style politicians, socialists and radical abortion advocates need to understand that WE ARE NOT GIVING IN TO THEIR PRESSURE and will fight until this issue is fully resolved.

We have to stop the Obama/Reid/Pelosi machine’s head-long push for healthcare “reform” once and for all. Even if you have done so many times already, help us continue flooding congressional offices with protests until the liberal coalition finally gives up – especially this week!

This strategy has been very effective in the ongoing fight to stop ObamaCare. But this week is perhaps the most crucial time since this battle began.  There must not be any doubt in our elected officials’ minds that their careers will not survive a vote for the so-called “President’s Plan” or any other version of ObamaCare.

We refuse to pay for abortions! We will not pay for special interest perks! We will not allow the trickery and deceit that has become the norm from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis to continue! Together, we will send a powerful message to the 111th Congress!

Join thousands of like-minded Americans who will make Congress realize that we are fully awake to their trickery and strongly oppose their underhanded efforts to pass ObamaCare.

Below you will find the information you need to contact the leaders of Your America:

To find your Senator, click here.
To find your Representative, click here.

Or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.


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