Obama says he is not a Socialist and he favors the Free Market System. Do you believe him?

I think the record speaks for itself.  The best example of the President being an “ardent” supporter of socialism, not the free market system, has to be his plan for health care. The driving force behind Obamacare has been a government take over of the health care system.  Despite scaling back his plan, the President believes that government can do a better job in providing health insurance than the private sector.  That’s not the philosophy of a free market supporter.

Now I know some of you are going to praise his latest plan saying that he compromised.  However, this version of Obamacare is just a means to an end.  Obama still wants the same result — a government take over. Yes, he is for capping insurance premiums, but that will not resolve the problems of costs!  Capping premiums may force many insurance companies to quit the business.  The long term outlook is that premiums will have to rise if we don’t tackle issues such as medical liability lawsuits and defensive medicine.   Just look at Romneycare in Massachusetts.  During the first two years, Massachusetts insurance costs skyrocketed 50% with no end in sight.  Yesterday, I just got a notice that my premiums are increasing another 33% just this year.  Why?  Because state leaders did nothing to address actual health costs while mandating more coverage.

Once again do you believe the President is a free market supporter or a socialist?

Stay tuned today for comments on the health care show down between President Obama and Republican Leaders.

For those who believe that the Republicans have stalled health care reform, get a clue or a calculator.  Until the election of Scott Brown, the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate and a big majority in the House.



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