Carry Guns in National Parks

It is now “legal” to carry guns in national parks, providing applicable state rules are observed. And there’s no shortage of hand-wringers predicting the end of the world as we know it. So, perhaps we should spend a moment and review what the new rule won’t do:

It won’t legalize murder.

It won’t legalize poaching.

It won’t legalize armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon or brandishing.

It won’t legalize destruction of property.

It won’t legalize gun possession by “prohibited persons.”

The “reasoning” used by those who tell us we cannot allow guns in national parks actually applies everywhere, and that’s where we can demonstrate the flaw in their argument.

An otherwise peaceable armed citizen who gets by just fine with his guns outside park boundaries won’t suddenly undergo a personality transformation once he crosses a line on a map.

And a criminal, who is not predisposed to obeying rules, won’t alter his behavior one way or another.

Here’s the crux of what the antis fear, from a Los Angeles Times article:

The presence of guns, they say, could increase the chance of deadly accidents and up the ante in confrontations between park visitors or between visitors and wildlife.

I won’t argue that. It could. That same argument could be used against having guns anywhere. And is.

But that kind of disingenuous thinking only looks at one side of the equation and totally ignores the protective benefits of guns in moral hands. It’s the kind of mentality that says because some are abusive of freedom, we all must be deprived of it.

It’s the kind of mentality that’s just waiting for the first opportunity to scream “We told you so!”

And they’ll get plenty of help from their mass media allies.

As if anything gives them a claim on your right to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones…

As usual, they’ll be looking to hold those who control themselves responsible for the actions of those who don’t.  Because, when you get right down to it, that’s all they’ve got.

Be ready for it. This isn’t over.


One response to “Carry Guns in National Parks

  1. Dear one man, well put.
    I seem to remember a story about some armed thugs that terrorized some campers up in my neck of the woods awhile back. Just as in society, the abscence of guns is only followed by the follower of the law. Liberals would like to believe that if we ban guns, that people will simply all abide, but this is horribly myopic in vision. The worst crime areas are those where guns are banned. Barack Obama’s Chicago? Forget your vacation there unless you want to be robbed or shot.

    As a concealed carry permit holder, I hope to never have to use my gun on another person. But at the same time, I believe that the Police cannot always be there to help the innocent, including myself.

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