Send A Message That Americans Oppose ObamaCare And That We WILL Hold Congress Accountable!

One day after Obama’s latest “urgent appeal” to the American people to support his unpopular health care proposal, Representative Bart Stupak announced that he and 11 other Democrat congressmen WILL NOT vote for the Senate version.

Why? Because of language that permits the federal government to “directly subsidize abortions.”

Stupak is not alone in reaching that conclusion. Even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and a chorus of other pro-abortion Democrats cross their hearts and say there are no changes to abortion law in ObamaCare, the nation’s pro-life groups are warning that there would be a HUGE change.

Pelosi is downright peevish when asked about the abortion issue in ObamaCare. Could it be because she knows it is her Achilles heel?

The fact is that Bart Stupak’s pro-life stand is throwing a monkey wrench into Obama’s plan to use “reconciliation” to pass ObamaCare. Now, citizens like you and me must send a strong message to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis that we will NOT accept the abortion mandate contained in both the Senate bill and the “President’s Proposal.”

This is a golden opportunity that we need to seize! ObamaCare could unravel if we put enough pressure on pro-life leaning Democrats, especially in the House.

Let Your Voice Be Heard As Never Before!

Bart Stupak’s announcement simply MUST be supported by the voices of tens of thousands of pro-life citizens across the nation. That’s why, at this crucial hour, I’m asking you to take a stand with your fellow pro-life Americans once again.

We cannot allow this anti-life bill to pass! We need every pro-life patriotic to flood Congress with a crystal clear message: “NO TO OBAMACARE!”

Liberal activists are on the march.

Unfortunately, Obama’s pep rally on Wednesday appears to have motivated his usual supporters. Since his White House address, organizations like MoveOn and Obama’s own Organizing for America are flooding Capitol Hill with calls and citizen contacts.

They call their campaign a “Virtual March on Washington.” We knew that the Left would not be passive when their “Candidate in Chief” was announcing yet another crisis!

We have also learned that the radical Left is making progress on a last-ditch effort to have the so-called “public option” included in the final ObamaCare bill.

Thirty-three Senators have signed the “Bennet Letter” in which Senators pledge to support ObamaCare WITH the public option, using reconciliation. If they reach 51 signers, the Democrats will have a clear path to pass ObamaCare WITH the public option, the abortion mandate, and a yet to be assessed trillion-dollar-plus cost!

This is even more reason why we MUST keep the pressure on. If we are silent right now, the government takeover of health care could be complete in a matter of a few weeks.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis is ignoring your voice.

Despite polls that show this legislation is hugely unpopular, and even considering the fact that congressional Democrats are bracing for big losses this fall, Obama and Nancy Pelosi have urged Democrats to ignore their political careers to pass ObamaCare.

What they’re saying is, “Forget the voices of the American people! We know what is best for them!” This is sheer arrogance and insolent elitism of the worst kind.

We MUST counter their condescension with the voice of the American people! Now is the time to let these politicians know that this anti-life, unconstitutional bill is unwanted by an overwhelming majority of the voting public.

They must be made to know this: If they vote “yes,” we will vote them out!

Your Senators and Representatives need to hear your voice NOW on this critical issue. We have to counter and defeat the Left’s major offensive to pass ObamaCare!

Below you will find the information you need to contact the leaders of Your America:

To find your Senator, click here.
To find your Representative, click here.

Or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Obama has asked for a vote by as soon as March 18th. He said the time for talking is done and I believe we could be on the final lap of this race. Congress needs to hear YOUR VOICE.

We will not have our tax dollars pay for abortions! We will not allow Congress to recklessly spend our taxes in order to pay for special interest perks and unwanted healthcare “reform”!

Together, we will send a message that Americans oppose ObamaCare and that we WILL hold Congress accountable!


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