Liberty by Peter J. Mancus

Peter Mancus is not a man to mince words. You do not have to wonder where he stands or what he is attempting to convey to you. In fact, he’s among the most direct, thorough and articulate modern liberty advocates manning the Radical Wing of today’s Public Liberty Fortress I know. In a world where far too few people boldly speak the unspeakable, Peter Mancus is a diamond in the rough.

The people who most need to read and understand Peter’s careful, painstaking and even exhaustive analysis of America’s Liberty Woes would soil their pants less than halfway through it — if they had the guts to read and digest its many implications. The kind of courage it would take a Sarah Brady or a Chuck Schumer to truly embrace the hard, cold, glaring facts is something they and their sheep do not possess — if they did, I’d be doing something else right now, and so would you.

LIBERTY is for people who are reasonable. It’s for people who own a gun or support the right to own one fully. It’s for people who have actually read the Constitution, called their lying public servants to chew them out as needed.

LIBERTY is for people who’d rather use force in defense of Liberty than live enslaved and are willing to look honestly at the fact that they may one day unfortunately be left with no alternative but to prove it.

If you believe the government’s authority extends so far they can undo a basic human right, don’t read the essay. If you are a member of the Civil Authority Taliban, you are advised to study this document closely — your life may one day depend on your having done so.

The article is at Enjoy!


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