Not Your Typical CCW Class in Virginia

It never ceases to amaze me how many shooters will spend beaucoup money on tactical super-retention thigh holsters and war belts and plate carriers and dump pouches and so forth… when they work in an office building and never put any of that stuff on outside of a training venue. But these same people never take the time to learn and practice with their everyday CCW gear.

My good friend Dave teaches a class he calls Concealed & Off-Duty Pistol once or twice a year in South Hill, VA. The class covers — now get this! — how to carry a handgun concealed. Yes, crazy concept. Obviously, it only appeals to those who are more concerned with their everyday preparedness than with learning what to do when the Alien Communist Zombie United Nations “Red Dawn” scenario comes true.

Knowing Dave’s background and experience, I signed up for his very first C&OD class in 2008. Most of my fellow students had literally hundreds of hours of prior firearms training, yet most of them had never used a concealed carry holster in a class! Whether it was the drone from Sector 7-G or the IT guru or the carpenter, these were guys who carried concealed pistols every single day but had never taken the time to learn about carrying a concealed pistol every day.

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