This Is Why The Arizona Governor Needs To Activate The Guard

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One response to “This Is Why The Arizona Governor Needs To Activate The Guard

  1. I understand all these problems that arizona has, well not just arizona all of the united states, i understand what the gov, of arizona is trying to do but i belive there are other ways of dealing with this, i also understand what all these murders play in the role of the governors view but i believe that what she is doing is against the construction of the united states of america, i can also agree that punishment has to be done to those WHO COMMIT THOSE MURDERS AND NOT PROFILE THE WHOLE ENTIRE RACE, BECAUSE IM MEXICAN AND MY FAMILY ARE HONARBLE PEOPLE. that can also go for those mexican or illegal immigrants. i think that obama and the president of mexico should start doing there job, and for one day mexico and the U.S. to be in peace and almost become one that is going to take alot of work but they knew being president wasnt a easiy job and insted of watching shows obama, and instead of going to the world cup felipe calderon be PRESIDENTS. and fix those problems and i would like to clarrify something immigrants come to the us so they can make a change for themselves and their family well some and other are lazy wanting to be fed by the goverment please if ur an immigrant and are being lazy leave this country because u dont diserve to be in it. and also not all mexicans~immigrents are the same some work hard while others dont, but just like any american.

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