Assembly Democrats Call For Raiding The Nickel-And-Dime Deposits Consumers Make On Recyclable Bottles To Balance California’s Budget

Democratic State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez on Tuesday outlined an alternative path to balancing California’s budget that would raise oil taxes, delay corporate tax breaks and borrow billions from the nickel-and-dime deposits consumers make on recyclable bottles — and would not require any Republican support.

At the heart of the proposal is the idea of raiding the state’s bottle deposits for the next 20 years and then getting an $8.7-billion loan from Wall Street. The programs currently funded by bottle deposits would be reimbursed by a new tax on oil production.

Why does California keep electing these fiscal morons?

Perez (D-Los Angeles) called his budget plan a “unique and creative approach.” A spokesman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called it “legal gymnastics.” I call it “fiscal insanity”.

Under his plan, the speaker would cast aside almost all the budget cuts Schwarzenegger proposed earlier this month. The state would use the borrowed money from the bottle deposits to fund programs this year.

“The Assembly Democrats’ budget proposal includes no real spending cuts and no real reforms — only legal gymnastics for majority vote tax increases,” said Aaron McLear, a Schwarzenegger spokesman.


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