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This is what they say about themselves:

Bureaucrash is an international network of activists, called crashers, who share the goal of increasing individual freedom and decreasing the scope of government.

Through Bureaucrash Social, crashers connect and collaborate on ways to use guerrilla marketing and new media to introduce others to the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free markets.

In short, we fight for freedom.

Bureaucrash Manifesto:

We believe that individuals are sovereign and own their own bodies.

We believe that every person has a right to make decisions about his or her own life, as long as those decisions do not directly harm other people.

We believe that no person has a right to use force against another person – to steal what they have earned or threaten their body or property.

We believe that when a government makes a new rule, it threatens to use force against someone (or everyone).

We believe that when bureaucrats and politicians have the power to make arbitrary rules, they steal our choices.

Therefore, we believe that if governments are to exist they should be small and just have the power to protect us from force and fraud.

Because we believe that any other arrangement breeds corruption and gives other people (bureaucrats) power over us.

Any other arrangement makes us all slaves to the bureaucrats.


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  1. dr mark tahiliani

    interresting article.

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