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Harry Reid Forgets Democrats’ History

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Wall Street Money Rains On Schumer

Wall Street has showered nearly $11 million on the Senate since the beginning of the year, and more than 15 percent of it has gone to a single senator: Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York.

Schumer’s $1.65 million take from the financial services industry is nearly twice that of any other senator’s — and more than five times what the industry gave to any single Republican senator.

While the industry has scaled back its political spending in the wake of last year’s economic collapse, data from the Center for Responsive Politics show that it’s still investing heavily in the Senate, where it’s likely to have its best shot at stopping — or at least shaping — the crackdown on Wall Street that Obama has proposed.

And it’s clearly looking to Democrats to do it.

Of the $10.6 million the industry has given to sitting senators this year, more than $7.7 million has gone to Democrats. Schumer got his $1.65 million; his New York colleague Kirsten Gillibrand took in $886,000; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada received $814,000; Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd of Connecticut scored $603,000; Colorado freshman Michael Bennet got $401,000; and Agriculture Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas— who will have a big say on the derivatives portion of regulatory reform — got $336,000.

“Democrats are holding the reins in Washington now with a Democratic-run White House and Congress,” said one financial services lobbyist. “It only makes sense that donors want to put their money into the coffers of those who are driving the agenda.”

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Freddie Mac Acting CFO Found Dead

David Kellermann, Acting Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Freddie Mac, was found dead this morning.

He was with Freddie Mac for more than 16 years. He began as a financial analyst/auditor in 1992, worked for several years in the company’s securities sales and trading unit, and served in a variety of positions in the company’s capital markets division, most recently serving as vice president strategy execution and integration and the Investments and Capital Markets division controller.

The chief financial officer is responsible for the company’s financial controls, financial reporting and oversight of the company’s budget and financial planning. He was in a position to know exactly who did what and when. Was he going to come clean about something?

My first thoughts were all the people who died of mysterious reasons or committed suicide under Clinton’s regime. Is Kellermann the first Obamacide?

Do you remember these:

Marilyn Monroe killed herself.

Vince Foster shot himself with a gun that wasn’t there – oh, the gun appeared later! And Hillary wouldn’t allow the FBI into Vince’s office, until they had removed all the evidence.

Mary Mahoney committed suicide by shooting herself five times.

Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleau, Todd McKeehan all committed suicide after ‘guarding’ Bill Clinton.

Paul Tully managed to finally commit suicide, but boy it took some effort to run him to ground and make him do it.

Kathy Furguson committed ‘suicide’ – managed to shoot herself in the head twice and THEN wrote her note.

Would you like the rest of the 200+ list of Democratic operatives committing ‘suicide’ in just the past two decades?

I am sure that damage control is at full throttle this morning. Democrat cleaners rummaging through Kellermann’s personal effects.

I fear this event will be covered up as much as possible, as it tarnishes Obama’s first One Hundred Days. Freddie and Fannie are both protected by Frank and Dodd so any investigation (which at this time there aren’t any) will be completely swept under the rug. And we will not hear much from the mainstream media – their job is to hush this up. If it had been a Bush guy, they would have stopped the presses.

Let’s hope the Fairfax County homicide detectives dig deep and resist political pressure. We need more information.

Geithner, Paulson Named In $200 Billion Lawsuit

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