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Sept. 8 Rebellion: Now Endorsed by Hoodlums & Homeschoolers

A Great Article From VodkaPundit On Homeschooling vs Government Schools.

VodkaPundit says parents should keep their kids home from school next Tuesday rather than subject them to the Obama Mass Indoctrination.

I oppose public schools, period. And none of my kids have attended a public school since my wife and I pulled our daughter (now 20) out of the system after kindergarten.

As for prayer, every public-school student should be praying, “Please, God, get me out of this public school.”

Ben Franklin was a third-grade dropout. Neither Thomas Jefferson nor George Washington ever attended a public school. And although Jefferson once proposed a public school system for Virginia — a plan that the thrifty Virginia Assembly wisely rejected, except for establishing the University in Charlottesville — neither Jefferson nor any other of the Founding Fathers ever endorsed compulsory public education.

Let’s begin this discourse by clarifying our terms: They are government schools, not “public schools.” They belong to the government, not to you, the citizen — a fact you’ll quickly discover if, as a parent, you ever disagree with a school administrator.

To read this article go to: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/09/03/vodkapundits-sept-8-rebellion-now-endorsed-by-hoodlums-and-homeschoolers/