Are You Aware That The Saudis Are Boycotting American Products?

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3 responses to “Are You Aware That The Saudis Are Boycotting American Products?

  1. I’m suspicious about unsigned, undocumented claims. What ARE the Saudi’s boycotting? Pork products? It’s a pretty sweeping generalization doncha think?
    Last time I checked there wasn’t enough “American oil” to come close to our needs. We haven’t built a new refinery in 35 years according to a news show I watched. Seems like no one wants one in their backyard, and we can’t drill in Alaska or off the Florida shores and if we did it wouldn’t make a difference for years to come.
    I parked my Dodge diesel pick-up and bought a little Toyota and I drive a little slower now. That’s what kind of message we should be circulating now.

  2. Well I do believe that the main focus should be shifted now. About those companies not importing Arab oil or OPEC oil? Why do they raise and lower their prices with those that buy OPEC? They have a seperate source so price should be differant? Smell anything rotten Yet?

  3. Frankly Speaking

    Scott and Phil you are both right. Can we imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t use petroleum products as a fuel? Would any middle eastern person have a soapbox without the billions of dollars they have? Would we care to sacrifice any soldiers if their were no economic reprisals?

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